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November 2021

Dates: November 1-26

Business on a Shoestring presented by Pepper O’Neal

Workshop overview: This is a class for writers who want to set up and organize their small business. It would also be for the writer who is unsure whether setting up a business for their writing career is advantageous or not. The class will deal will businesses in the US and Canada. It includes: deciding if your writing career is a business or a hobby, what the difference is, and why it matters, how to handle all the business details that come with success, taking advantage of the tax breaks that come from simply finishing the work-in-progress, whether or not setting up a structured small business is the right decision for you, to how to go about setting it up, what kind of business to set up, and how to minimize your tax liability. All on a shoestring. The class lasts four weeks.

Presenter Bio: Award-winning author Pepper O’Neal is a researcher, a writer, and an adrenaline junkie. She has a doctorate in education and spent several years in Mexico and the Caribbean working as researcher for an educational resource firm based out of Mexico City. During that time, she met and befriended many adventurers like herself, including former CIA officers and members of organized crime. Her fiction is heavily influenced by the stories they shared with her, as well her own experiences abroad.

O’Neal attributes both her love of adventure and her compulsion to write fiction to her Irish and Cherokee ancestors. When she’s not at her computer, she spends her time taking long walks in the forests near her home or playing with her three cats. And of course, planning the next adventure.

December 2021

No workshop scheduled. Happy holidays!

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